Shenzhenblank paper wristbands hospital to begin air rescue services

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A hospital in the southern metropolis of Shenzhen is to launch air rescue services after striking a partnership with an aviation company.

Shenzhen Hospital of Southern Medical University, has agreed to set up a medical air base in the city with Shanghai Kingwing General Aviation Co.

The first group of medics began receiving training in theoretical knowledge and practical operation on Tuesday, with a drill scheduled for Sunday.

Air rescue is highly efficient as it can reach those in need quicker than ground rescue vehicles and is seldom limited by geographic settings, said Wang Yongjian, director of the hospital"s emergency department.

The rapid response time will help save lives, especially when those requiring emergency treatment are in locations that are difficult or time-consuming to get to for ground rescue vehicles, Wang said.

It is estimated that the survival rate of a person seriously injured in a traffic accident is as high as 80 percent if they receive medical treatment within 30 minutes. The rate drops to below 10 percent if they do not receive treatment within 90 minutes.

Kingwing has agreements with hospitals nationwide, offering air rescue services in 22 provinces and cities. The company said it provides about 150 helicopters that are fitted with advanced medical and rescue equipment.

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