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Yang Jingbo runs the Douyin account of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau

After Spring Festival, everyone was talking about the videos on Douyin, so we realized that we needed to jump in. Any site that attracts people is a good place to publicize good social order.

It"s not the first time we have tried using short videos, because we have been posting videos on Sina Weibo and WeChat for quite a long time. For example, during Lunar New Year we produced a series of videos warning people not to steal and others showing the dangers of firecrackers.

Because Douyin videos only last about 30 seconds, most people watch a large number at each sitting. That means we have to make ours more appealing and funny, both in style and content, so they will stand out among all the viral dances, cute puppies and trending foods.

Our news center has established a special short-video planning team to guarantee the quality of every video. The team is made up of officers with long experience of new media operations, so they have great ability in shooting videos and producing animations.

To diversify the content, we divided the team into two groups. They choose the topics in advance according to the current work focus and hot social issues, and then decide how to fit them on the platform.

We posted our first clip on May 20. So far, we have posted 13, which have attracted more than 112,000 fans and received almost 105 million likes. We want to show people the human stories behind our work.

During the national college entrance exam, we made a video of local policemen escorting the test papers to the examination centers and outlined the security arrangements in place during the exam.

We used the caption, "We not only escorted the exam papers, but also the dreams and futures of thousands of students."

The video was viewed 24 million times on the first day and received 771,000 likes.

We don"t update our content very often, but people always make encouraging comments such as "We were waiting to see your latest video. It"s amazing!"

We are happy to show people what we do, and more than happy to hear what they have to say in return.

Yang Jingbo spoke with Wang Keju.

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